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Tell the EU to hold business accountable!

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Companies today are operating with impunity around the world. Too many of them wreck the environment, abuse workers’ and trade union rights, kick indigenous people off their land or support modern day slavery. Those who stand up to corporate abuses around the world are often fired from their jobs, thrown in jail, go missing or worse.


The European Commission is finally ready to consider a new law to hold businesses accountable for their impact on people and the planet. These rules on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence should require all companies, from fossil fuel giants and agribusiness to fashion retailers and electronics makers, to establish effective policies to make sure human rights and the environment are not being harmed in their global operations and supply chains.

But first the Commission wants to hear your opinion on how to design new corporate due diligence rules that would hold business accountable.


A law to protect workers, people, and planet from bad business.


The EU can and must use its power to set ambitious standards in the fight to hold business accountable for things like union busting, forced labor, land grabbing or toxic waste dumping.


But for this law to work, it must:



We need as many people as possible to convince the European Commission to change the rules of the game to end corporate impunity and enforce human rights.
The clock is ticking. 


Help us build pressure and have your say until 8 February 2021!